Producing and processing material goods or articles are generally capital-intensive activities with a high degree of mechanisation and technology. These days, developments are occurring in rapid succession and require a high degree of flexibility and anticipation on the part of the entrepreneur. Sustainability and circularity will play an increasingly important role in the future and inevitably drive opportunities and impose new challenges. Based on our extensive sector knowledge, we would like to swap ideas with you about the possible future of your company.

Transport and Logistics

Organising, arranging, planning, controlling and processing the flow of goods from A to B requires specialist knowledge. As logistics chains become more international and complex, this sector is undergoing consolidation, upscaling and globalisation. Differentiation and specialisation are key to achieving healthy profit margins, making extensive automation a necessity. The Netherlands’ position as a major gateway to Europe has led to a concentration of companies that ensure the smooth and efficient storage and transhipment of goods in the port areas. We would be happy to exchange ideas about the future of your company in this sector.

Technology, media and telecoms

Technology, media and telecoms ensure that we are all connected. Digitisation and innovation are not only changing society, but also the way products and services are offered. Innovative ways of collaborating via digital networks are also increasingly important in this rapidly changing landscape. This relatively young and broad sector is continuing to experience strong growth due to technological developments and transformation. In addition to organic growth, this sector is also responsible for changing revenue models and needs in all other sectors. Are you thinking about your future in this sector? We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Food and Agriculture

Everyone has to deal with this chain directly or indirectly on a daily basis. From the time of production and the arrival of the basic product at the wholesaler or processing plant, to the delivery of the finished product to the retailer. The majority of Dutch agricultural and horticultural produce is exported. Changes in consumer behaviour, EU and government regulations, the further globalisation of the food chain and innovation mean that this market remains highly dynamic. We would be happy to use our knowledge of this sector to enhance the future of your business.

Business services

Under this collective name for services and B2B service companies, a broad distinction can be made between specialist and support services. What they both have in common is that people and knowledge are central to the revenue model. Maintaining and/or expanding added value remains an issue that an entrepreneur must constantly consider when weighing up the next strategic move.

Within the business services sector, we would highlight flexible labour. Indeed, rapid economic developments require flexibility, so companies have to be in a position to scale up and down quickly by means of flexible deployment. In addition to relevant transaction experience, we also offer specific strategic and market knowledge. We would be happy to brainstorm with you about the future of your company in this sector.

Leisure and Retail

The consumer is the focal point in both the leisure and retail sectors, both of which rely heavily on consumer confidence. Personal experience is becoming increasingly important. This can be a challenge because part of the customer experience takes place online. Online orders are increasingly handled through platforms where supply and demand converge. Marketing strategies are also being adapted to this by focusing more on the online proposition. Are you thinking about your future in this sector? If so, we would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Construction and Real Estate

From development to completion, all the links in the construction chain face the challenge of increasing building production, on the one hand, and managing sustainability and the energy transition, on the other. This highly cyclical sector certainly offers great opportunities through specialisation, sustainability, the application of new technologies to business processes and further integration in the construction industry. We would be happy to swap ideas with you about the future of your company in this sector.


Digitisation is having a major impact on this sector. Stock control, transparency, e-fulfilment and changing revenue models are some of the aspects that are making it essential to move with the times in order to keep delivering added value to clients. If you are thinking about the possibilities for your future in this sector, we would be happy to discuss them with you.