IRIS CF acted as debt advisor to Palladio Groep being acquired by Antea Participaties

Antea Participations has acquired a majority stake in Palladio Group by means of a pre-exit. In this transaction, IRIS CF advised and acted on behalf of sellers in the entire transaction process.

Palladio Groep

Palladio Goup is a consultancy firm focusing on advisory and interim management for the Dutch government and semi-public institutions. The company is the market leader in integrated project management of (large) multi-year projects in the physical environment such as roads, waterways, railways and dikes. Palladio was founded in 1997 and generates a turnover of approximately € 12M in 2017. The company has a solid financial performance.

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Antea Participaties

Antea Participations in The Hague is an investment company focused on small and medium-sized companies. It provides growth funding, participates in companies through a Management Buy-In or Management Buy-Out when an owner wants to sell the company or in pre-exits where the DGA transfers part of the shares and remains operationally involved for a number of years and together with Antea starts working on succession.

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