GMG Holding B.V. (Yepp)

IRIS CF acted as M&A advisor to the shareholders of MGM Holding B.V. (Yepp) in the process of selling 100% of the shares. This process led to a sale to Thule Group.


GMG Holding, founded in 2007, has grown to become one of the world’s key players in child bike seats under the well-known brand Yepp. Yepp has become market leader in multiple European countries (under which The Netherlands) with the Yepp Maxi and the Yepp Mini.

Thule Group

The international NASDAQ company Thule Group is active in many (active) lifestyle product categories. The acquisition of Yepp fits perfectly in their strategy of extending the ‘Active with Kids’ product category.

Thule Group sells their products in 139, employing over 2.000 employees over 9 sites across the world. Their sales in 2015 amount to about € 500 million using over 35 locations.

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