Selling a Business

Selling a company is a complex affair. Our A to Z process guidance is aimed at achieving high quality transactions. A well thought-out plan of approach and a controlled and confidential process that will lead to the desired results in terms of both price and value-stable conditions. Our thorough preparations provide the best guarantee for preventing post-transaction problems.

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Acquiring a Business

In the acquisition of a company, the long term has top priority. One plus one has to equal three. We pro-actively support our clients in the acquisition process and achieve customised solutions, with the inclusion of financing. The best guarantee for long-term value growth is achieved when all the relevant opportunities and risks are accounted for in the transaction terms and conditions.

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Engaging Private Equity

Engaging a private equity investor can have numerous advantages. Extra risk-bearing capital in a company yields more room for rapid growth or effectuating acquisitions. Every PE- investor is different. Our expertise and experience allows us to match you with the party that best suits you and the company. In addition we achieve competitive transaction terms and conditions.

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