Avantage Groep B.V.

Avantage Groep B.V. acquired 100% of the shares of Dutch ICT Group B.V. and her 100% subsidiaries. IRIS CF acted as buy-side advisor to Avantage Groep B.V., including debt advisory.

Avantage Groep

Avantage, founded in 1990 and located in Rotterdam, belongs to the first generation of all-round IT service providers in the Netherlands. The company has grown autonomously to one of the leading players in the mid market segment in the western part of the Netherlands (Randstad). Avantage has two client propositions: Managed Solutions and Cloud Solutions with which it provides IT solutions to large companies with thousands of employees as well as smaller businesses.

For more information, please see: www.avantage.nl

Dutch ICT

Dutch ICT is a all-round IT service provider in the mid market segment. Just like Avantage, Dutch ICT is one of the leading players in the area of IT, automation and other related services in the Netherlands. Dutch ICT originated in 1987 and had a recent growth acceleration through the merger of three companies.

With this strategic acquisition of Dutch ICT by Avantage, two of the major mid market IT service providers join forces. With together more than 200 employees they are one the largest players in this market. Avantage is with this scale better able to meet the customer need of capacity on the one hand and customer intimacy on the other through small industry specific teams of specialists. Moreover, Avantage has more capacity for action with their new scale in this continuously changing IT market.