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Private equity now plays a major role in Dutch medium-sized companies. Whether providing growth capital or cashing in on business value, it often offers entrepreneurs surprising opportunities. With many private equity transactions to our credit, we can provide entrepreneurs with optimal support and advice in this area.

We will guide you through the opportunities that private equity can offer and the possibilities that are available to you. When choosing to work with a private equity investor, your interests and the interests of your company should come first.

What can private equity offer me and my company? How does it work? And, more importantly, how does it work after a transaction? These are the types of questions many entrepreneurs face. 

We arrange appropriate equity funding through a detailed corporate profile that presents your company in the best possible light. In addition to a good description of the company and its business model, an analysis of the growth opportunities is essential. Our market analyses and forecasting techniques provide the right foundation. 

We have extensive experience and a wide network in this sector, and we make these accessible to our clients. We also oversee the entire playing field, which puts us in a position to get the best negotiation results. It is important that the investor with the most added value comes on board on the best possible terms. 

We are a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen.

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We oversee the entire playing field and work efficiently towards a deal. Your interests are paramount, nothing else.


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