Debt Advisory

Financing an acquisition transaction is only possible if you understand the world of financiers and have access to them. Our extensive experience enables us to navigate the rapidly changing playing field and help our clients achieve optimal financing outcomes

A sound financing structure is vital for the success of acquisition transactions. Arranging acquisition finance requires experience, knowledge and a network in the financial world. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can give our clients access to this market. We know what is important, both for the entrepreneur and the financier. This is how we ensure balanced solutions.

How much can I finance if I want to acquire a business? What is possible with a management buyout? Is it enough to work with a bank or do I need to consider alternative forms of financing? We help entrepreneurs navigate through these questions and can present your company and transaction to financiers in the best possible light. 

Our financing memoranda will present your company with detailed transaction structuring, a description of your business model, market analyses, liquidity forecasts and working capital analyses. All relevant terms are negotiated, whether this involves standard documentation or LMA. Once a transaction has been completed, we can assist in communicating your financial performance to the bank during the first revision period. This allows you to focus on what you do best: business.

We oversee the entire playing field and work efficiently towards a deal. Your interests are paramount, nothing else.


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