IRIS CF arranges financing for House of HR on behalf of the strategic agreement entered into with Covebo Uitzendgroep and Accent Jobs

Covebo Uitzendgroep and Accent Jobs have joined forces with House of HR to become part of the umbrella HR Group

House of HR

House of HR is a group of more than 40 brands that all focus on consultancy, secondment, interim and recruitment services. The company operates in various European countries, and is mainly known in the Netherlands under the labels Continu (secondment in construction), Talent&Pro (secondment in financial services), Triple A (specialists in risk management) and ITDS (management consultancy).

Covebo Uitzendgroep

Covebo was founded in 2001 and, in addition to mediating for Dutch nationals, it specialises in international employment mediation, with a specific focus on placing international employees in (food) production, logistics, engineering, construction and facility services. Covebo has a national network but traditionally has been strongly represented in the central part of the Netherlands.

Accent Jobs

Accent is a temporary employment agency with a network of more than 250 offices in Belgium and more than 1,000 employees. Accent Jobs differentiates itself by offering temporary jobs with the option of a permanent contract instead of regular interim jobs. Looking for work through Accent is therefore the first step towards permanent employment for many people.