IRIS CF assists Multi Instruments Analytical in the sale to Födisch Group, a portfolio company of NORD Holding

Födisch Group has acquired 100% of the shares of Multi Instruments Analytical. IRIS CF acted as sell-side advisor to the shareholders of Multi Instruments Analytical.

Multi Instruments Analytical

Multi Instruments Analytical, founded in 1988 and located in Gorinchem (the Netherlands), specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial emission- and process measurement systems. The company uses high-quality analytical technology from multiple manufacturers while combining them to create customized solutions for a wide variety of applications. Technologies include gas analyzers, oxygen monitors, flame monitors and other analytical technology used to monitor a.o. industrial plants. The team of currently 25 employees develops individual emission measurement systems (CEMS) and supports its customers in the Netherlands and Belgium as an experienced service partner. These clients benefit from extensive technological knowledge and a service network.

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Födisch Group

Födisch Group, founded in 1991 and located in Markranstädt (Germany), is a leading and independent group of companies specializing in environmental technology, process analysis, and analytical technology. In addition to environmental, support and maintenance services, the product portfolio includes fine dust sensors, filter monitors, dust measuring concentration devices, gas analyzers and volume flow meters. Customers are European and non-European companies, among others from the energy-, chemical-, industrial-, construction-, and waste and disposal sector, which are supported by a worldwide team of 250 employees in complying with emission limits and in monitoring various processes.

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NORD Holding

NORD Holding is one of the leading German private equity firms with assets under management of € 3.0 billion, specializing in direct investments and fund investments. In the realm of direct investments, NORD Holding operates as an evergreen fund with no predefined end date and invests from its own balance sheet in Germany and other German-speaking countries. NORD Holding currently holds investments in more than 15 companies.

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