IRIS CF acted as advisor to Groenendijk PGN Bouw and De Kwaadsteniet in buy-in of minority shareholder

The general manager of Groenendijk PGN bouw and Kwaasteniet Aanemersbedrijf acquired a minority share. Additionally, the companies attracted additional bank financing to facilitate further growth of the companies. IRIS CF acted as M&A advisor and debt advisor.

Groenendijk PGN Bouw

Groenendijk PGN Bouw renovates, transforms, restores and rebuilds buildings for their clients. Due to the intensive cooperation with De Kwaasteniet, Groenendijk is able to provide an optimal living, working and recreation conditions. The order portfolio of Groenendijk is varied, consisting of the renovation of a metro station, transformation and improvement of schools, office- and commercial buildings.

De Kwaadsteniet Aannemersbedrijf

As a real estate specialist, De Kwaasteniet provides maintenance for (amongst others) housing corporations, property management companies, federal buildings and owner associations. As a specialist in daily- and planned maintenance the company is a renowned player in the Drechtsteden area.

The group realises profitable sales of more than € 45M per year.

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