Sell side M&A advisory

Selling companies is a profession in its own right. Every process is unique and there is only one chance for entrepreneurs to get it right. Based on our experience, we know how to position your company to achieve optimal conditions for company and shareholder alike.

We assist entrepreneurs in selling their businesses, both nationally and internationally. We use our extensive knowledge of the market and sector, and a clear plan of approach, to ensure the best terms for you

Selling a business is something that most entrepreneurs usually only have to deal with once. How do I go about it? How does that world work? How does it fit into my strategy? In short: how do you ensure that your life’s work gets the recognition it deserves?

We ensure that you are well informed from the start about the most suitable options. Because we only succeed if you make long-term choices that are good for you and the company.

As team captain, we will guide you through the entire process. Our advisors know the market and analyse it continuously. We have mastered the art of presenting your company optimally in the market. Thorough financial analyses of history and future mean we develop the appropriate argumentation and substantiation. Negotiations concern the price, method of payment and other relevant transaction terms. Our goal is to get you the best package.

We oversee the entire playing field and work efficiently towards a deal. Sometimes saying ‘no’ is part of that. After all, your interests come first, nothing else does. 

You can also count on us in the final stages of the process, during due diligence and contract negotiations. We coordinate the work that needs to be done by other specialists such as accountants, tax consultants and lawyers on your behalf to tie up any loose ends and avoid any hassles afterwards.

We oversee the entire playing field and work efficiently towards a deal. Your interests are paramount, nothing else.


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