Buy side M&A Advisory

There are many pitfalls in acquiring a company. With our experience, we can ensure balanced and well-structured transactions. We will support you through the process, giving you every opportunity to make the acquisition a success.

We complete acquisitions for our clients, and also arrange the necessary transaction financing.

Buying a business involves many considerations for entrepreneurs. Does it fit well enough into my strategy? How can I integrate the business into my existing organisation? How do I balance my company’s financing structure? With our experience, market knowledge and understanding of financing, we can achieve the optimal terms and balance for you.

For example, we point out the potential benefits of an acquisition and ensure that you are aware of the risks involved. Everything is geared towards making choices that are good for the long-term success of your business.

We analyse the company that you are considering acquiring. Based on this analysis, we assist you in submitting proposals. Good argumentation with regard to price, the method of payment and other relevant transaction terms are essential. Because we oversee the entire playing field, we can work efficiently towards a deal. Sometimes opting out of a transaction is part of the process too. Your interests come first, nothing else does. 

You can also count on us during the due diligence and contract negotiations. We coordinate the activities that need to be carried out by other specialists such as accountants, tax specialists and lawyers. This way, you will cross the finishing line safely, and we will prevent any hassles at a later stage. 

We oversee the entire playing field and work efficiently towards a deal. Your interests are paramount, nothing else.


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