Z-Works & Dutch Content Productions

Auxilium Capital acquired a part of the shares of Z-Works & Dutch Content Productions. In this transaction, IRIS CF advised and acted on behalf of seller during the entire transaction process.

Z-Works & Dutch Content Productions

Z-Works & Dutch Content Productions (DCP) engage in the development, production, and sales of television formats broadcasted on RTL and Talpa. Through these television-items, entrepreneurs throughout The Netherlands can convey their commercial message/advertise on national television. The different television formats are developed by the companies itself. Examples of formats are: Op de Zaak, Onderweg naar de Regio, Holland van Boven, How it’s Done, de Barometer en Dit is Holland.

Z-Works is headquartered in Rotterdam and engages in the sales of the formats. DCP is located at the Hilversum media park an produces the formats. Daily, over 100 FTE is active for the companies, generating annual revenues of over € 10M.

For more info, please see: www.z-works.nl en www.dcp-tv.nl

Auxilium Capital

Auxilium Capital is a private equity firm, based in Amsterdam. For more info, please see: www.auxilium.capital