Mark van Dijck

Mark has a background in finance and in the international environment. He focuses on small and medium-sized M & A transactions, combining his financial expertise with its affinity for entrepreneurship.

Tobias Taminiau

Tobias has over 10 years experience in M&A dealmaking in the Dutch mid-market. In this role he has been involved in more than 100 transactions. Before joining IRIS CF, Tobias worked as corporate finance consultant for Rabobank and as investment manager at Antea Participaties, a leading Dutch private equity investor.

Dominique Baltussen

Dominique has been with IRIS CF as M&A consultant from the start. He has extensive experience with acquisitions and has conducted research into the impact of macro-economic factors on (international) investment decisions and their returns.

Duncan Eduard

Duncan has over 15 years’ experience as an M&A consultant, and has been closely involved in over 200 acquisition transactions of all shapes and sizes . His professional background with BDO and Rabobank has given him a broad financial knowledge base.